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Following a list of all my published photos, pictures and articles (sorted by photo-no/filename).

-18 astrophotos in the book "Der Starhopper" by Thomas Jaeger
-Article: "245 Doppelsterne im Bild - Ein fotografischer Doppelstern-Atlas", Interstellarum 2007/2 p.46 (together with 15 photos of the double star project)
-Article: "Astrofotos von Peter Wienerroither", Interstellarum 2005/12 p.70 (together with some photos)
-Article: "Astrophotographie mit Digitalkameras", Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005 p.145 (together with some photos)
-Article: "Die Lichtverschmutzung überlisten - Sechs Filter für die digitale Astrofotografie", Interstellarum 2005/4 p.58. here the testphotos
-Article: "Einstieg ins Hobby Astronomie - Teil 9: Einfache Astrofotografie mit Strichspuraufnahmen", Interstellarum 2006/10 p.30 (together with some photos)
-Article: "Infrarotfotografie digital", NaturFoto 2004/12 p.70 (together with some photos)
-Article: "Spuren der Sonne - Die Erstellung eines künstlichen Analemma", Interstellarum 2008/1 p.36 (together with photo)
-Article: "Unendliche Weiten * Astrofotografie - naechtlicher Masochismus?", NaturFoto 2006/3 p.65 (together with some photos)
-Exhibition: Photos for "Blick zum Nachthimmel" 2009 in Vienna (Exhibition)
-Exibition: Photos for "Blick zum Nachthimmel" 2009 in Vienna (Postcard, Invitation, Banner)
-Exhibition: PWs 1. photo exhibition 2006 in the castle Voesendorf
-Exhibition: PWs 2. photo exhibition 2006 in the Housecafe, Vienna
-Exhibition: PWs 3. photo exhibition 2008 in the Raika Guntramsdorf, Austria
-Exhibition: PWs 4. photo exhibition 2010 at Schlossheurigen Koza in Voesendorf, Austria
-some astrophotos on the TWAN homepage (guest gallery)
-some astrophotos for the TWAN-exhibition 2011/10 in Linz
-Eventphotography for the University of Vienna, i.e. #1
-My "Best Of" at YouTube: normal photography
-My "Best Of" at YouTube: astronomy photography
-My "Best Of" at YouTube: infrared photography
-many Photos on the beautiful homepage of Helma Kienleitner at
-Lecture about astrophotography in Vienna, 3/15/2008 (Prof. Mucke)
-several photos in the ACOnet annual report 2011
19990123-002.jpgtemplate for "speedpainting" (result)
20001001-017.jpgcoverphoto of "Grenzland Nachrichten" No. 44 at 11/3/2005
20001227-023.jpgtemplate for "speedpainting" (result)
20010901-014.jpg88. place Shopping Intern photo contest 2001
20020416-053.jpg"Interstellarum" 2002/6 p.35
20020416-053.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.102
20020611-001.jpghomepage of the WDR 2004/6 and 2005/7
20020612-013b.jpg26. place Shopping Intern photocontest 2002
20020704-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/6 p.77
20020704-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2002/10 p.76
20020705-003b.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.100
20020903-001.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.101
20021112-010b.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.100
20030212-001.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/12 p.76
20030222-009.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/4 p.35
20030225-051.jpghomepage of the WDR
20030225-051.jpghomepage of the WDR
20030323-001.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.100
20030323-003.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/1 p.27
20030331-001c.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/12 p.73
20030415-050.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/5 p.6
20030416-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/12 p.39
20030503-012.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005" p.78
20030503-012.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/5 p.54
20030504-020.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.68 (together with article)
20030504-020.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2003/12 p.57
20030507-040.jpg"sinn-haft" No.16 p.33
20030516-108.jpgthe whole eclipse sequence in "Interstellarum" 2003/8 p.27
20030524-014.jpghomepage of the Legio XV Apollinaris together with more photos
20030524-021.jpg23. place Shopping Intern photo contest 2003 (photo)
20030524-050.jpghomepage of the Legio XV Apollinaris together with more photos
20030524-051.jpghomepage of the Legio XV Apollinaris together with more photos
20030531-005b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.71
20030531-005b.jpg"Kronen Zeitung" 9/27/2005 p.13
20030531-005b.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2003/9 p.130
20030531-005b.jpg"Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe" 2007 p.73
20030531-005b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2003/9 p.68
20030531-005b.jpghomepage of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) at 6/18/2003
20030531-005b.jpgCD-Cover of "Force the Sunrise" by Half of Reason
20030531-005b.jpghomepage of Sky & Telescope
20030531-005b.jpg1. place astrophotocontest, category "&Aestetics" (homepage). Comment of the organizer: Actually you should have got all 5 prices.
20030531-005b.jpg3. place "Sky & Telescope" photo contest 2006, category "Sun"
20030531-005b.jpgbook "Astronomy - 365 Days" S. June 20
20030531-005b.jpgCalendar 2005 of the Kinderuni Wien
20030531-005b.jpgNASA CD-ROM "Imagine the Universe! / Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) / Starchild" 8th edition
20030531-005b.jpgPlanetariumsshows of the North Hills High School Planetarium (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
20030531-009.jpgsimilar in "Interstellarum" 2005/10 p.3 and p.38
20030531-009.jpgCalendar 2005 of the Kinderuni Wien
20030531-009.jpgpolish "Discovery Channel" No.8 p.11
20030531-010b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/8 p.2 and p.28
20030531-010b.jpg"Kronen Zeitung"/"Krone Bunt" at 3/26/2006 p.50/51
20030531-010b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2003/8 p.5 and p.64
20030531-010b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/10 p.49
20030531-010b.jpghomepage (startpage) of Sky & Telescope
20030531-010b.jpgCalendar 2005 of the Kinderuni Wien
20030703-060.jpgCD-Cover of the belgian band "Cute" (
20030826-009b.jpg"Astronomie Heute - Wunder des Weltalls" p.75
20030826-009b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/10 p.1
20030826-009b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.70
20030826-009b.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2003/12 p.139
20030826-009b.jpg"Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe" 2004 p.75
20030826-009b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein"
20030826-009b.jpgcoverphoto of a brochure of the publisher Oculum 2005/11
20030826-009b.jpg"Astronomie Heute - Wunder des Weltalls" p.75
20030826-009b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2003/10 p.1
20030826-009b.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2003/12 p.139
20030826-009b.jpg"Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe" 2004 p.75
20030826-009b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein"
20030826-009b.jpgcoverphoto of a brochure of publisher Oculum 2005/11
20030916-004.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.123
20030920-061.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.121
20031003-037.jpgcoverphoto of the brochure Meet the Top 2005/1 Mallorca by BodyLife together with additional photos
20031028-001.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.169
20031028-002.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/6 p.57
20031028-003.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005" p.85
20031028-003.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/1 p.35
20031028-003.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.164
20031028-006.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.174
20031108-019.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/4 p.3 u. p.14
20031108-019.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/2 p.34
20031122-003.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2004/8 p.61
20031122-004.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2007/11 p.63
20031122-009.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/1 p.74
20031122-009.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/11 p.71
20031122-010.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/11 p.71
20031122-011.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005" p.146
20031122-013.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005" p.144
20031122-013.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2005" p.85
20031122-014.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/12 p.55
20031122-015.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/12 p.67
20031122-017.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/12 p.40
20040124-051c3.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2006/1 p.56
20040124-051c3.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2006/10 p.6
20040124-051c3.jpgcoverphoto of "Sterne und Weltraum Basics - Astrofotografie"
20040214-002.jpgcoverphoto of the brochure Natürlich Kosmetik
20040220-063b.jpghomepage of the WDR
20040304-062.jpgprojection at "Falstaff" of the Baden-Baden festival whitsunday 2007
20040320-035.jpg"ÄrzteWoche" at 4/13/2006 p.10
20040329-052.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.122
20040404-001b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/10 p.44
20040504-035.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/8 p.6
20040504-035.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2004/7 p.52
20040504-035.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2004/8 p.53
20040504-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/8 p.6
20040511-006.jpgscreenphoto for
20040514-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/8 p.47
20040514-005z.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/4 p.65
20040521-021.jpg"NaturFoto" 2004/12 p.72 (together with article "Infrarotfotografie digital")
20040521-022.jpg"NaturFoto" 2004/12 p.71 (together with article "Infrarotfotografie digital")
20040607-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/10 p.39
20040607-052.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2004/8 p.56
20040608-006b.jpgposter in showcase of the Freiluftplanetarium Sterngarten Georgenberg Vienna
20040608-044.jpg"NaturFoto" 2004/12 p.70 (together with article "Infrarotfotografie digital")
20040716-053.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/6 p.24
20040716-059.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2006" p.84
20040716-059.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/7 p.54
20040716-059.jpghomepage of the WDR
20040719-053.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.130
20040727-011.jpg"Welt der Wunder" 2007/5 p.19
20040810-096c.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.90
20040810-096c.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/8 p.50
20040822-001.jpgsimilar photo (20040822-011) in "Naturfoto" 2005/8 p.63
20040822-001.jpg"NaturFoto" 2005/8 p.63 (similar)
20040823-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/10 p.23
20040823-053.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.70
20040823-053.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/11 p.70
20040827-051.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/6 p.24
20040901-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/12 p.29
20040901-052.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/12 p.69
20040902-052.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2006" p.90
20040904-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.71
20040906-054.jpg"Ciel Extreme" (FR) 2006/10 p.33
20040906-054.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/10 p.67
20040910-051.jpgbook "Stars & Planets" by Ian Ridpath & Wil Tirion p.204
20040910-053.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.154
20040910-053.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.71
20040910-053.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2007/1 p.54
20040910-053.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/1 p.55
20040917-054.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.70
20041005-051.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/10 p.31
20041210-001.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.3
20041210-001.jpghomepage of the International Dark-Sky Organisation
20041210-002.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.66 (together with article)
20041210-002.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2005/7 p.129
20041210-003.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/2 p.2 and p.30
20041210-003.jpg"Nightscape" #75/2008 p.4
20041210-003.jpghomepage of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) at 4/13/2005
20041210-003.jpg6. place at photo contest by, category "startrails"
20041210-003.jpgbackcover of "Sky & Telescope's Beautiful Universe" 2007
20041210-003.jpgbook "Astronomy - 365 Days" S. April 14
20041210-003.jpgNASA CD-ROM "Imagine the Universe! / Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) / Starchild" 10th edition
20041210-004.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.106
20041210-009.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/10 p.72
20041210-012.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/10 p.27
20041210-015.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/11 p.73
20041211-001.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/10 p.31 (together with article)
20041211-005.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/9 p.72
20041211-007.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/2 p.70
20041211-051.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.22 and p.71
20041211-051.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.68 (together with article)
20041214-051.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.54
20041214-052.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/10 p.69
20041214-054.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/2 p.48
20041214-055.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/4 p.35
20041214-055c.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/2 p.1 and p.41
20041214-055c.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/2 p.51
20041214-055c.jpghomepage of the WDR as photo of the day
20050108-033.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/4 p.6
20050108-035.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/10 p.3 and p.30
20050110-803.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/2 p.56
20050110-803.jpgbook "Stars & Planets" by Ian Ridpath & Wil Tirion p.88
20050110-804.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/12 p.70
20050110-804.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/12 p.79
20050209-802.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/2 p.29
20050313-005.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/12 p.28
20050331-803.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/1 p.72
20050331-806.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2005/6 p.52
20050402-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.24
20050402-802.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/2 p.70
20050402-802.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/2 p.70
20050402-803c.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/3 p.57
20050402-803c.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/2 p.69
20050402-803c.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/3 p.65
20050402-806.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/2 p.47
20050402-806.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/1 p.62
20050402-806.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2014/2 p.50
20050402-807.jpghomepage of the WDR
20050421-808.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/4 p.65
20050421-808.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/5 p.61
20050502-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/2 p.74
20050509-009.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/4 p.14
20050511-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2013/4 p.42
20050511-011.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/5 p.68
20050511-012.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/4 p.74
20050521-031sun2.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.42
20050521-031sun2.jpg"Das Astronomische Jahr 2007"
20050521-031sun2.jpgInterstellarum-Sonderheft, backcover-photo
20050525-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/4 p.77
20050616-001sun.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/1 p.36 (together with article about my software "SunPath")
20050616-001sun.jpghomepage of the WDR
20050616-001sun.jpgbook "Die Sonne - Eine Einführung für Hobby-Astronomen" by publisher Oculum p.20
20050616-001sun.jpggerman schoolbook "Durchblick - Geschichte, Erdkunde 5/6" by publisher Westermann p.243
20050616-001sun.jpggerman schoolbook "Praxis Grundschule 2007/1" by publisher Westermann p.17
20050616-001sun.jpggreek schoolbook "Das Sonnensystem im Universum" by Lia Chalkia p.372
20050618-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/10 p.32 (together with article)
20050618-801.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.67 (together with article)
20050618-801.jpg"Saturday Star Watch" 4/29/2006 p.C-2
20050618-801.jpghomepage of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) am 7/14/2005
20050618-801.jpgCalendar 2008 "Ludicosciences" Université de Liége - Embarcadére du Savoir p.5b
20050618-801.jpgNASA CD-ROM "Imagine the Universe! / Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) / Starchild" 10th edition
20050627-002a.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/10 p.6
20050706-801.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.118
20050706-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2008/8 p.77
20050706-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/7 p.69
20050727-002.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/6 p.70
20050727-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.54
20050727-802.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.54
20050727-803.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.54
20050901-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2008/10 p.125
20050905-801.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.101
20050906-001b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.14
20050906-001b.jpghomepage of the WDR
20050906-002.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/12 p.52
20050906-801c.jpgsimilar in "Interstellarum" 2012/2 p.46
20050906-801c.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/6 p.28
20050925-802.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/9 p.74
20051003-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/10 p.61
20051003-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/10 p.67
20051010-801.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2008/1 p.31
20051010-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/3 p.9
20051010-809.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/6 p.45
20051014-807.jpg"NightSky" 2006 edition 2 p.28 (together with article and constellation photo)
20051015-806.jpg"Astronomie magazine" (FR) 2006/10 p.78
20051026-099.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.65 (together with article)
20051026-099.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.137
20051027-808m.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.106
20051115-801.jpghomepage of the WDR
20051211-003b.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.66 (together with article)
20051211-003b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/10 p.113
20051211-003b.jpgbook "Teleskop-1x1", publisher Oculum, p.1
20051211-003b.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.66
20051211-003b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/10 p.113
20051211-003b.jpgbook "Teleskop-1x1", publisher Oculum, p.1
20060108-815.jpgbook "Genieten van de sterrenhemel" by Rob Walrecht (NL) p.52
20060109-811.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.49
20060130-004.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.78 and p.144
20060130-004.jpgBuch "Fern-Seher" p.149
20060130-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/12 p.19
20060130-006.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.69 (together with article)
20060130-006.jpgposter for ÖGAA (incl. Posterdesign)
20060130-006.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.158
20060130-006.jpgwinner "Glanzlichter" 2010 category "in the sky above us"
20060130-007.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.45
20060130-007.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.14
20060421-802.jpghomepage of the WDR
20060421-803.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/6 p.19
20060421-803.jpghomepage of the WDR
20060511-804.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/4 p.27
20060611-050.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.124
20060701-044.jpg9. place at Tamron photo contest "Spring" 2008/3
20060710-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/8 p.55
20060710-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/9 p.55
20060805-002.jpgbook "Mathematik für Informatiker" p.44 from Rolf Socher
20060805-002.jpgbook "Unterrichtsmaterialien / Deutsch Sek.II", publisher Stark, p.41
20060812-001b.jpg2. place at photo contest 2006/8 by, category "Rock'n'Roll"
20060822-001.jpg"Sky & Telescope" 2006/12 p.128
20060830-029b.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2009
20060905-001n.jpgbook "Stars & Planets" by Ian Ridpath & Will Tirion p.265
20060909-014.jpgbook "Training Grundwissen Chemie / Mittelstufe 1", publisher Stark, p.1
20060909-014.jpgcoverphoto of the Pfarrbrief 2007/1 St. Walburga Overath
20060911-804.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/9 p.73
20060912-001.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.36
20060912-001.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.34
20060912-001.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/12 p.7
20060912-002.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.36
20060922-801.jpghomepage of the WDR
20061010-802.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/2 p.71
20061017-801.jpg"Der Sternenbote" 2006/12 p.239
20061107-001.jpgcoverphoto of "kreaKtiv" 2006/11 (1. edition)
20061115-804.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/12 p.67
20061223-107.jpgAstronomie Magazine (FR) 2013/12 p.38
20061223-203.jpgastrophoto of the week (KW 3, 2007) on
20070121-001.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein" 3. edition
20070121-001.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein" 3. edition
20070313-004c.jpghomepage of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) at 4/7/2007
20070313-004c.jpgNASA CD-ROM "Imagine the Universe! / Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) 2007 / Starchild / Blueshift"
20070413-001.jpghomepage of the WDR
20070413-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/2 p.30
20070413-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/2 p.67
20070417-021.jpgcoverphoto of an invitation for unitalks of the Alumniverbandes of the University of Vienna
20070417-025.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20070419-003.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/4 p.17
20070427-051.jpg"Interstellarum" 2013/12 p.48
20070502-503.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/4 p.44
20070502-505.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/4 p.46
20070502-506.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.6
20070502-506.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.6
20070502-506.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/2 p.73
20070502-506.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2008/6 p.105
20070502-506.jpghomepage of Lunar picture of the day at 5/14/2009
20070522-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/8 p.67
20070522-002.jpghomepage of the WDR
20070610-504.jpg5. place Photo-Advard Digitalsalon 2008, category "Natur in Wien"
20070715-003b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/11 p.81
20070715-003b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohr Führerschein" 4. edition
20070715-003b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/11 p.81
20070715-003b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein" 4. edition
20070715-006.jpgcoverphoto of "Interstellarum" 2009/2 special edition
20070715-006.jpgcoverphoto of "Interstellarum" 2009/2 special edition
20070718-004.jpghomepage of the University of Vienna together with additional photos
20070718-004.jpgthis photo and all others in u:Book-Folder
20070719-101.jpgastrophoto of the week 34, 2007 of
20070826-103.jpgcoverphoto of a brochure of Alumniverbandes of the University of Vienna
20071014-002.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2009 and on CD
20071101-801.jpg"Der Sternenbote" 2007/12 p.242
20080201-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/6 p.67
20080203-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/6 p.19
20080504-149.jpg"Klooster" (NL) 2019 No. 9 p.2+3
20080712-003.jpg3. place Photo-Advard Digitalsalon 2008, category "Natur in Wien"
20080801-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/10 p.38
20080801-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012 special edition 1 p.15
20080905-012.jpgbrochure HOFER 2011/8, backside
20080912-003.jpg"c't" 2008/? p.?
20080912-011.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2011
20081123-002.gifaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2009
20081201-010.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/2 p.101
20081201-011b.jpg"Astronomie Heute" 2009/2 p.?
20081201-011b.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/2 p.63
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20081201-011b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2009/2 p.100
20081230-105Vesta.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/4 p.61
20081230-105Vesta.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/8 p.18
20081230-105Vesta.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.134
20090228-017.jpgcoverphoto for invitation to SIR Kongress 2009
20090624-009.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20090624-033.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20090710-211au.jpgautographcard for my nice Katrin Ofner, skicross Olympic athlete 2010
20090820-803.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/9 p.55
20090919-806.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/10 p.47
20090920-521.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2009
20091024-006b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein" 5. edition
20091024-006b.jpghomepage of the ORF
20091024-006b.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Fernrohrführerschein" 5. edition
20091024-006b.jpghomepage of the ORF
20100407-005.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2010/10 p.94
20100407-005.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20100418-801.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/10 p.19
20100508-024.jpghomepage of
20100928-009.jpghomepage of
20101105-057b.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2011
20110104-096.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/4 p.34
20110104-096.jpg"JAW Express" (Jugend am Werk) 2011/3 p.19
20110104-108b.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2011
20110122-201.jpgaccepted for Al-Thani Award 2011
20110307-805.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/3 p.76
20110307-826.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/12 p.27
20110307-826.jpg"Interstellarum" 2014/2 p.41
20110307-827.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/1 p.64
20110424-132.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20110522-003.jpg3. place EISA Photo Award 2011
20110903-801.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/11 p.101
20110903-804.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2013/12 p.67
20120403-003.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20121003-002.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
20121003-034.jpgCalendar Phaidra 2013 University of Vienna
a002-29.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Nebelschwaden" by Reinhold Liebig
a003-20.jpgcoverphoto of "Gradwohl" 1992/2 and 2 additional photos
a011-13.jpg3. place photo contest of the Österr. Fremdenverkehrswerbung 1984
a017-28.jpgcompany poster for Reck & Gass
a017-28.jpgSongcover (version 1 and version 2)
a018-28.jpghomepage of FSC Franken e.V.
a018-30.jpg"PTA heute" 2004/2 p.37, 2004/3 and 2004/4
a018-30.jpgadvertisement in "Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung" (DAZ) No. 7 2004/2 p.25, No. 8 and No. 9
a036-07.jpg"Foto Creativ" 1985/4 p.58
a056-35.jpgbrochure "Im Umbruch - Not sehen und handeln" of the Caritas Deutschland
a094-04.jpgcoverphoto of the calendar 2005 by AMS - Gematronik GmbH.
a116-16.jpgbrochure "Begleitung Sterbender - Kann ich das auch schon?" of the Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg p.15
a335-36.jpgtemplate for "speedpainting" (result)
a343-09.jpgphoto of the week at Bilderland online 2000/11
a414-35.jpg"Star Observer" 2001/4 p.87
a41623.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2002" p.21
a417-24.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2003" p.57
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a417-34.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2002" p.179
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a420-21.jpgcoverphoto for score
a421-19.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/8 p.18
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a424-00.jpghomepage of (together with article)
a424-00ade.jpgArticle: "Strichspuraufnahmen", auf (together with some photos)
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a42733.jpghomepage of the WDR
a429-06.jpg"Interstellarum" 2006/2 p.38
a429-06.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.101
a429-29.jpginterior for the pub für "Cantina da Lua", i.e. business card
a434-01.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/4 p.14
a43504.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.117
a43504.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/8 p.56
a43504.jpghomepage of the WDR 2004/7 and 2005/7
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a439-25.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.6
a442-08.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Kleine Kuren für Leib und Seele"
a44406.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2003" p.177
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a44407.jpghomepage of the WDR
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a44430.jpghomepage of the WDR
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a447-09.jpghomepage of (together with article)
a44712.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/8 p.27
a44712.jpghomepage of the WDR
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a44720.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.45
a44720.jpghomepage of the WDR
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a451-07.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2006/2 p.46
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a45204.jpghomepage of the WDR
a45207.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2004" p.140
a45207.jpgpart of the coverphoto of "Sterne und Weltraum Dossier - Planetensysteme"
a45208.jpghomepage of the WDR
a45211.jpg"Tagesspiegel" 12/21/2005 p.29
a45211.jpghomepage of the WDR
a452-14.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/3 p.67
a452-17.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.82
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a45611.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2006" p.13
a45611.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.13
a45611.jpghomepage of the WDR
a456-16.jpgcoverphoto "NightSky" 2003/2
a456-29.jpgBuch "Fern-Seher" p.135
a46013.jpghomepage of the WDR
AND1_20041210-011.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/10 p.29
AND1_20041210-011.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/10 p.71
AND1_20041210-011.jpghomepage of the WDR
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AQR1_20041210-008.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.110
AQR1_20041210-008.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.141
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AUR1_20041211-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/1 p.29
AUR1_20041211-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/12 p.46
AUR1_20041211-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/10 p.51
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CAS1_20041210-014.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.131
CAS1_20041210-014.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/10 p.37
CAS1_20041210-014.jpghomepage of the WDR
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cd-bild01.jpg"Corel ArtShow 5" 1994 p.93-95
cd-bild04.jpg"Corel ArtShow 6" 1995 p.130 (mod. Version)
cd-bild04.jpg1. place graphics contest "Imagine '96" by PCtip and Hayward, 1996/6
cd-bild04.jpgHonorable Mention Corel World Design Contest 1997
cd-bild05.jpg"Corel ArtShow 4" 1993 p.92, 94, 97, 101, 103, 137, 157
cd-bild07.jpg"Corel ArtShow 4" 1993 p.92, 94, 97, 101, 103, 137, 157
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cd-cars.jpg"Corel ArtShow 4" 1993 p.92, 94, 97, 101, 103, 137, 157
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cd-zebra.jpg"Corel ArtShow 5" 1994 p.93-95
CEP1_20041210-013.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/10 p.33
CEP1_20041210-013.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/10 p.33 and p.44
CEP1_20041210-013.jpghomepage of the WDR
CET1_20041210-009.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/11 p.72
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CMA1_20050313-002.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.13
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CMA1_20050313-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/2 p.27
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COM1_20050511-011.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.69
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CRB1_20050511-014.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/5 p.55
CRB1_20050511-014.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/5 p.73
CRB1_20050511-014.jpghomepage of the WDR
CRB1_20050511-014.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.147
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CYG1_20041211-002.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/4 p.51
DEL1_20041210-007.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.101
DEL1_20041210-007.jpghomepage of the WDR
DRA1_20070719-003.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.105
ERI1_20041210-015.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/12 p.32
fcplus201002IR.pdfArticle: and 7 photos about Infraredphotography in "fotocommunity plus" 2010/2 p.56
fm04.htm22. place at the 1. Vienna Photomarathon
fm05.htm30. place at the 2. Vienna Photomarathon
GanzIch.mp3Interview at 3/6/2007 for ORF Ö1 "Ganz Ich - Wohlfühlen mit Ö1 / Die Freude am Mond-Gucken"
GEM1_20050313-001.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.10 and p.57
GEM1_20050313-001.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/2 p.46
GEM1_20050313-001.jpgbook "Genieten van de sterrenhemel" by Rob Walrecht (NL) p.52
GEM1_20050313-001.jpgbook "Hobby Astronom in 4 Schritten" (Lambert Spix, publisher Oculum) p.37
HYA1_20050313-004.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/3 p.78
Kalender2006.pdfFlyer of the Austrian International Consultans
Kalender2006.pdfPhotocalendar 2006 & 2007 "Vienna Infrared"
Kalender2008.pdfPhotocalendar 2008 "Photo-Graphics"
Kalender2010.pdfPhotocalendar 2010 "Infrared"
Kalender2014.pdfPhotocalendar 2014
Kalender2016.pdfPhotocalendar 2016
Kalender2018.pdfPhotocalendar 2018 "Trees"
Kalender2020.pdfPhotocalendar 2020 "Southafrica"
LEO1_20050511-006.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.70
LEO1_20050511-006.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.86
LEO1_20050511-006.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.51
LEO1_20050511-006.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2008/6 p.70
LEO1_20050511-006.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/4 p.76
LEP1_20050313-002.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Deep Sky Reiseatlas" 3. edition
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MON1_20050313-003.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.48
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MON1_20050313-003.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/2 p.42
OPH1_20070719-002.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/6 p.19 and p.36
ORI1_20041211-010.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.148
ORI1_20041211-010.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/2 p.27
ORI1_20041211-010.jpgcoverphoto of the book "Deep Sky Reiseatlas" 2. edition
p600-05.jpg3. price HP photo contest 2000
p600-05.jpg3. price Shopping Intern photo contest 1998 (mod. Version)
p600-23.jpg"Star Observer" 2001/5 p.91
p600-50.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.19
p600-99.jpg"Interstellarum" 2002/8 p.18
p600-99.jpga single image of the series in "Interstellarum" 2007/6 p.30
p601-28.jpghomepage of William Optics
p601-55.jpg"Interstellarum" 2002/6 p.35
p601-55.jpg"Interstellarum" 2002/6 p.36
p601-55.jpg"sinn-haft" No.16 p.34 and p.35
p601-55.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.101
p601-64.jpg"Star Observer" 2002/4 p.96
p601-70.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.68 (together with article)
p601-71.jpg"NaturFoto" 2006/3 p.68 (together with article)
p601-71.jpg"Star Observer" 2002/4 p.96
p601-72.jpg"Star Observer" 2002/4 p.96
p601-72.jpghomepage of the WDR
p601-77.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.132
p601-80b.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2010" p.133
p601-80b.jpg"Star Observer" 2002/4 p.96
p601-90b.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.92
p601-90b.jpg"sinn-haft" No.16 p.32 and p.38
p601-90b.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.102
p601-90b.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2002/4 p.45
p601-95.jpg"Star Observer" 2003/5 p.103
p602-35.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2006" p.42
p602-35.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2007" p.157
p602-35.jpg"Interstellarum" 2005/12 p.70
p602-35.jpg"Star Observer" 2002/8 p.99
p603-33.jpg23. price Shopping Intern photo contest 2003
p603-40.jpg"Interstellarum" 2004/8 p.6
PEG1_20041210-010.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.111
PER1_20041211-006.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.130
PER1_20041211-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/10 p.29
PER1_20041211-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2009/2 p.35
PER1_20041211-006.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/10 p.29
PER1_20041211-006.jpgbook "Fern-Seher" p.144
PER1_20041211-006.jpgbook "Hobby Astronom in 4 Schritten" (Lambert Spix, publisher Oculum) p.25
PSC1_20041211-004.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.150
pwafof2d.htmmany of the constellation photos in local viennice TV station OKTO in some broadcasts of "SuperNova" (2006)
Regulus+Mars+ISON"Interstellarum" 2013/10 p.18
SGE1_20041210-007.jpg"Interstellarum" 2007/8 p.31
si97.jpg19. place Shopping Intern photo contest 1997
so200305.pdfArticle: "Sternfreunde im Porträt", Star Observer 2003/5 p.100 (together with some photos)
TAU1_20041211-009.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.78 and p.144
TAU1_20041211-009.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/12 p.31
TAU1_20041211-009.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/2 p.49
TAU1_20041211-009.jpg"Interstellarum" 2010/12 p.27
TAU1_20041211-009.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2008/5 p.78
TAU1_20041211-009.jpgcoverphoto of the book "SkyScout" 4. edition
UMA1_20050511-008.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2009" p.61
UMA1_20050511-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2008/4 p.32
UMA1_20050511-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2011/12 p.42
UMA1_20050511-008.jpg"Interstellarum" 2012/4 p.27
UMA1_20050511-008.jpg"Sterne und Weltraum" 2012/5 p.72
UMA1_20050511-008.jpgcoverphoto of the book "SkyScout" 3. edition
UMA1_20050511-008.jpgbook "Torakosmos - Die okkulte Dimension der Bibel" p.52
uni_unet_services.pdfall illustrationes of this folders for the University of Vienna
univie_ubook_folder.pdfall photos in the u:book-folder of the University of Vienna
VIR1_20050511-009.jpg"Ahnerts Astr. Jahrbuch 2008" p.70

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