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On this site I want to introduce my photographic doublestar project. As a start I selected the brightest and wide seperated double and multiple stars from the WDS (The Washington Double Star Catalog Because of my small scope the selection criterias were as follows:
    Dec north of -30, Mag1 brighter 6m0, Mag2 brighter 9m0, separation more than 15"
    together with some prominent exceptions
I took the images between Oct. 2005 and Sep. 2006 in Vienna/Austria with a Takahashi FSQ (APO 106/530), 2x Barlow, CCD Starlight SXV-H9 and Vixen GP-DX without guiding. The images are made with RGB-filters, each 2x 10 sec. and all identically processed. The photos on this webpage are details of the originals. The limiting magnitude is about 13 mag.
The constellation photos were taken with a Canon EOS 10D and 28 mm lens and have been reduced to 1/3 and have therefore - as the doublestar photos - identical scale and also N-S/E-W orientation is always correct.
Astro-friend Wolfgang Vollmann will do astrometric measurements with the photos. We will publish the results here later, until then you can find the infos and more on Wolfgangs homepage:
Phase 2 of the project will start soon with bigger optics.

The following list is sorted by constellation (alphabetically by the latin abbreviation) and RA of the doublestarcoordinates.

AND, Andromeda / AndromedaPhoto
21-Alpha And 'Alpheratz' 29-Pi And 56 And
57-Gamma And BUP30, And
AQL, Aquila / EaglePhoto
5 Aql 15 Aql STTA178, Aql
31 Aql 53-Alpha Aql 'Altair' 57 Aql
AQR, Aquarius / Water bearerPhoto
41 Aqr 63-Kappa Aqr 83 Aqr
94 Aqr 104 Aqr
ARI, Aries / RamPhoto
5-Gamma Ari 9-Lamda Ari 14 Ari
33 Ari 41 Ari
AUR, Auriga / CharioteerPhoto
14 Aur 13-Alpha Aur 'Capella' 24-Phi Aur
26 Aur 56-Psi5 Aur
BOO, Bootes / HerdsmanPhoto
1 Boo 17-Kappa Boo 21-Iota Boo
37-Xi Boo 49-Delta Boo 51-Mu Boo
CAM, Camelopardalis / GiraffePhoto
WEB2, Cam 1 Cam 10-Beta Cam
11&12 Cam STF1694, Cam
CAP, Capricornus / Horned goatPhoto
5&6-Alpha Cap 9-Beta Cap 11-Rho Cap
12-Omicron Cap

CAS, Cassiopeia / Cassiopeia (Queen)Photo
STF3053, Cas 9 Cas 11-Beta Cas
18-Alpha Cas 'Shedir' 24-Eta Cas 34-Phi Cas
44 Cas ENG7, Cas Iota Cas
2 Cas 4 Cas SHJ355, Cas
CEP, Cepheus / Cepheus (King)Photo
8-Beta Cep STF2816, Cep STF2840, Cep
17-Xi Cep 27-Delta Cep
CET, Cetus / Whale (Sea monster)Photo
37 Cet 53-Chi Cet STU15, Cet
66 Cet 96-Kappa1 Cet
CMA, Canis Major / Big dogPhoto
6-Nu1 Cma 9-Alpha Cma 'Sirius' 17 Cma
25-Delta Cma HJ3945, Cma 30-Tau Cma
31-Eta Cma

CMI, Canis Minor / Little dogPhoto
10-Alpha Cmi 'Procyon'

CNC, Cancer / CancerPhoto
16-Zeta Cnc 48-Iota Cnc 64-Sigma3 Cnc
COM, Coma Berenices / Berenice's hairPhoto
12 Com 17 Com 24 Com
32 Com

CRB, Corona Borealis / Northern crownPhoto
15-Rho Crb 20&21-Nu Crb
CRT, Crater / CupPhoto
JC16, Crt*

CRV, Corvus / Crow (Raven)Photo
7-Delta Crv*

CVN, Canes Venatici / Hunting dogsPhoto
2 Cvn 12-Alpha Cvn 'Cor Caroli' 15&17 Cvn
S654, Cvn

CYG, Cygnus / SwanPhoto
6-Beta Cyg 'Albireo' 13-Theta Cyg 16 Cyg
26 Cyg 31&30 Cyg 29 Cyg
32 Cyg 37-Gamma Cyg 48 Cyg
50-Alpha Cyg 'Deneb' 61 Cyg 69 Cyg
79 Cyg 78-Mu Cyg
DEL, Delphinus / DolphinPhoto
7-Kappa Del 9-Alpha Del 12-Gamma Del
DRA, Draco / DragonPhoto follows
12-Iota Dra 14-Eta Dra 16&17 Dra
24&25-Nu Dra 26 Dra 31-Psi1 Dra
41&40 Dra 39 Dra STF2348, Dra
46 Dra 47-Omicron Dra 75 Dra
EQU, Equuleus / ColtPhoto
1-Epsilon Equ 5-Gamma Equ
ERI, Eridanus / RiverPhoto
WDS 04116-2021, Eri* 40-Omicron2 Eri BU744, Eri*
55 Eri 62 Eri STF649, Eri
GEM, Gemini / TwinsPhoto
18-Nu Gem 43-Zeta Gem 62-Rho Gem
66-Alpha Gem 'Castor' 78-Beta Gem 'Pollux'
HER, Hercules / Hercules (Strongman)Photo
7-Kappa Her WDS 16318+4536, Her 36&37 Her
STF33, Her 65-Delta Her 72 Her
100 Her

HYA, Hydra / Water snakePhoto
S579, Hya S585, Hya 27 Hya
31-Tau1 Hya SHJ110, Hya Chi1 Hya
H 3 96

LAC, Lacerta / LizardPhoto
8 Lac

LEO, Leo / LionPhoto
32-Alpha Leo 'Regulus' 36-Zeta & 35 Leo 68-Delta Leo
84-Tau Leo 94-Beta Leo
LEP, Lepus / HarePhoto
HJ3759, Lep 13-Gamma Lep
LIB, Libra / BalancePhoto
STF359, Lib 8&9-Alpha Lib 33 Lib
LMI, Leo minor / Small lionPhoto
42 Lmi

LYN, Lynx / LynxPhoto
5 Lyn 8 Lyn 12 Lyn
15 Lyn 19 Lyn 40-Alpha Lyn
LYR, Lyra / HarpPhoto
3-Alpha Lyr 'Vega' 4&5-Epsilon Lyr 6&7-Zeta Lyr
10-Beta Lyr 11-Delta1 Lyr 12-Delta2 Lyr
STF525, Lyr 17 Lyr 20-Eta Lyr
MON, Monoceros / UnicornPhoto
8-Epsilon Mon 15 Mon STF1183, Mon
OPH, Ophiuchus / Serpent bearerPhoto follows
5-Rho Oph 30 Oph 36 Oph
39-Omicron Oph 53 Oph 67 Oph
ORI, Orion / Orion (Hunter)Photo
7-Pi1 Ori 23 Ori 34-Delta Ori
STF747, Ori 41-Theta1 Ori 'Trapezium' 43-Theta2 Ori
44-Iota Ori 48-Sigma Ori 50-Zeta Ori
58-Alpha Ori 'Betelgeuse' 59 Ori STF855, Ori
PEG, Pegasus / Pegasus (Winged horse)Photo
85 Peg 1 Peg 8-Epsilon Peg
PER, Perseus / Perseus (Hero)Photo
15-Eta Per STF331, Per 57 Per
PSC, Pisces / FishesPhoto
74-Psi1 Psc 86-Zeta Psc 113-Alpha Psc
PUP, Puppis / Poop (of Argon)Photo follows
BU332, Pup H 3 27, Pup 2 Pup
19 Pup

PYX, Pyxis / CompassPhoto follows
S568, Pyx

SCO, Scorpius / ScorpionPhoto
Xi Sco STF1999, Sco 8-Beta Sco
14-Nu Sco 20-Sigma Sco
SER, Serpens / SerpentPhoto
WAL67, Ser 23-Psi Ser 24-Alpha Ser
63-Theta Ser

SGE, Sagitta / ArrowPhoto
4-Epsilon Sge 15 Sge
SGR, Sagittarius / ArcherPhoto
54 Sgr

TAU, Taurus / BullPhoto
STF401, Tau 19 Tau 25-Eta Tau 'Alcyone'
37 Tau 39 Tau 52-Phi Tau
59-Chi Tau 65&67-Kappa Tau 68-Delta3 Tau
77&78-Theta Tau LDS2246, Tau 81&80 Tau
88 Tau 87-Alpha Tau 'Aldebaran' 91&92-Sigma Tau
94-Tau Tau 103 Tau
TRI, Triangulum / TrianglePhoto
15 Tri

UMA, Ursa Major / Great bearPhoto
S598, Uma 36 Uma SMA75, Uma
50-Alpha Uma 'Dubhe' 57 Uma 67 Uma
M40, Uma 79-Zeta Uma 'Mizar' & 80 Uma 'Alkor' S549, Uma
UMI, Ursa Minor / Little bearPhoto
1-Alpha Umi 'Polaris'

VIR, Virgo / Virgin (Maiden)Photo
26-Chi Vir 29-Gamma Vir 33 Vir
70 Vir

VUL, Vulpecula / FoxPhoto
6-Alpha & 8 Vul

*) Photo follows.
249 doublestars, now 245 with photo.

last update: 9/17/2006

- 19-Tau and constellation bull together with article of the project in "NightSky" 2006 issue 2 p. 28
- 12-Gamma Del on the homepage of the WDR
- 41-Aqr in "Astronomie magazine" (FR) 2006/10 p.78
- 66-Alpha Gem "Castor" together with constellation-photo in the book "Genieten van de sterrenhemel" by Rob Walrecht (NL) p.52
- 15 photos together with article "245 Doppelsterne im Bild - Ein fotografischer Doppelstern-Atlas" in "Interstellarum" 2007/2 p.46
- 79-Zeta Uma "Mizar" & 80 Uma "Alkor" in "Sky & Telescope" 2008/1 p.31
- 79-Zeta Uma "Mizar" & 80 Uma "Alkor" in "Sterne und Weltraum" 2011/3 p.9
- 6-Beta Cyg "Albireo" in "Interstellarum" 2008/6 p.45
- 12-Alpha Cvn "Cor Caroli" in "Interstellarum" 2012/4 p.27