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My equipment:

I don't really know a musical instrument but to play sometimes on the piano is much fun, above all with the simple but effective rhythm machine of the clavinova (like a keyboard).

Also composing on the computer makes much fun. It is only the try of a paralyzed to run but I am able to learn.
I never had a really good soundcard so I bought a external MIDI-expander years ago and I am very satisfied with it until today.

I also listen music and I have a versatile taste. I like light classical music (Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, ... - mainly instrumental music and preferably symphonies), Rock and Pop of the 60's until now (Alan Parsons Project, Chris de Burgh, Dire Straits, ELO, J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, Manfred Mann, Oldfield(s), Pink Floyd, ...), a little Jazz (Nina Simone, ...) and also experimental music (Glass, Nomi, Nyman, ..). Here the (german) list of CDs from me an my family.

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Compositions made by myself:

The following compositions I made by myself can be downloaded or played as .MP3-files.
All rights on the music for publishing are at the author and the use of the music without permission is strongly forbidden.

pwop07.mp3     op. 7 - "Good morning Doris"     (3:01min, 2,850 KB)
pwop08.mp3     op. 8 - "Guitar concert"     (3:55min, 3,700 KB)
pwop12.mp3     op. 12 - "Blues?"     (3:20min, 3,150 KB)