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Welcome to
the private homepage of

Peter Wienerroither

The highlights of my homepage:
Pictureslideshow Slideshow of all photos and images of my homepage
Impressum, about me curriculum vitae, job, family, hobbies
     Publicationes published photos, pictures and articles
Photography equipment, etc.
     Photogallery ... many photos made by myself
Astronomy equipment, links, etc.
     Astrophotogallery ... astrophotos made by myself
Computer equipment, etc.
     Picturegallery computerpictures, paintings and drawings made by myself
     Software software made by myself for download
Music compositions made by myself as .MP3-files
Shop & Bazaar some things for sale
More see menu at left top.

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I'm also photographer for ...
    Adobe Stock (form. Fotolia)

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The contents of this pages will be updated periodically (see News), especially the galleries.

I look forward to receiving your comments. Send an e-mail!

I am not responsible for the content of websites I link to.

2021-11-26     Change to my own domain
2020-02-16     Complete redesign, new contents, new photos
2013-06-02     New imageslideshow, slight redesign
2012-02-04     New Photos in many galleries, updates of many infos
2011-09-18     New Astrophotos
2010-05-29     New photos
2010-05-09     New menu design, new photos in nearly all galleries
2010-03-19     New Astrophotos
2009-10-24     New photos, astrophotos

Please excuse my bad english.