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Curriculum Vitae

Peter Wienerroither, Eng.

Born 1962 in Knittelfeld, Styria, Austria.
2 brothers, 1 sister. My brother Andreas died 1997 at a car crash.
Primary school, secondary school and extended elementary school in Knittelfeld.
Higher technical school in Moedling, field Precision Engineering. Examination 1981.

8 month military at the airforce base Zeltweg.

1982 - 1984 company Swarovski Optics in Vienna: Design engineer for military optics.
1984 - 1987 company Philips Electronics in Vienna: Operations scheduling for computerproduction.
1988 - 1992 company CHG (distributor of Toshiba computers) in Vienna: Softwaresupport, hotline.
1992 - today Vienna University Computer Center: Purchase and distribution of standardsoftware.

The way to the software was autodidactic from computerhardware at Philips, where I bought my first home computer (a Sinclair Spectrum), softwaresupport at CHG until my job at the university.


Since 1992 I am at the University of Vienna at the Computer Center as manager of the department for standardsoftware, responsible for ordering, distributing and managing the standardsoftware. Sometimes I write articles for our magazine "Comment" ( "Enthüllungen eines Computervirus", "Privatnutzung von Standardsoftware", "Erstellen eigener CD-ROMs", "McAfee VirusScan", "Windows 98" ).


Married since 1993 with Doris. The result of this connection are the two "terrorists" Dominik alias Niki (born 1993) and Lukas alias Luki (born 1995).

"Treat the earth well: It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."
(Native American Indian quote, as Ted Jerome from New Hampshire, USA suggested)

Dominik and Lukas, PWs kids
Dominik and Lukas (9/2003)

Dominik and Lukas, PWs kids
Dominik and Lukas (3/2008)

Dominik and Lukas, PWs kids
Dominik and Lukas (3/2012)

Dominik and Lukas, PWs kids
Dominik and Lukas (9/2014)


My hobbies are: My family, Computer, Photography, Astronomy, Music (active and passive), a.m.m. It is possible to combine the hobbies. But a day should have at least 48 hours for so many interests.
What I don't like: Wasting time with e.g. sleeping and eating.

My new hobby since 8/2012: Kawasaki VN 800 A "Vulcan"
Kawasaki VN 800

And this is the new one since 7/2013: Suzuki Intruder M800 "Suzi-Trude"
Suzuki Intruder M800

"You and me will go motorbike riding
in the sun and the wind and the rain.
I got money in my pocket, got a tiger in my tank
and I'm king of the road again."
--- from "Jeans On" from David Dundas


- Use day AND night, we have plenty of time to sleep when we are lieing in the grave. (PW. My motto!)
- Satisfaction stops progress. (PW)
- Heaven is nearer to me than earth. (PW. And that's not only because of my hobby astronomy!)
- I don't like people who keep a domestic animal and say that they are animal lovers. (PW)
- Sometimes I want to make some sports. - Then I take a beer, sit down and wait until the attack has gone. (PW)

Because it's so trendy I also installed a WebCam:
live WebCam-image of my brain
Live WebCam-image of my brain.
Can you see the flashes of inspiration?


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